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Why a Great Interior Design Is Just as Important as a Great Book Cover Design

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Whether you are planning to self-publish an eBook or a printed version, there are several design aspects that are vital when a publishing a book. One of the most important is having a great book cover design.

Your book cover needs to get readers’ attention quickly and draw them in so they’ll want to open the book or read the back cover. Your book cover design also helps you establish your branding, especially if you are planning on writing a book series.

It does not matter whether your book is in an electronic format or a printed format. Unless you have an eye-catching book cover, it does not matter how well-written the book is if no one is enticed and drawn in by your book cover.

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In addition to the exterior book cover, the interior design of your book needs to be a great fit to the content of the story while keeping the right format. Since the vast majority of self-published books today are eBooks, let us look at some vital design aspects.

  • The font used for your book needs to be easily readable on electronic devices. In most cases, it is best to stick with traditional font styles. It is recommended to test the font yourself on your electronic devices to see how it will look before e-publishing your book. If you find it hard to read, so too will your readers.

  • Add some flair with interior illustrations and artwork. Include some interior illustrations and artwork to break up the monotony of one page after another. However, be careful with the size and placement so that you do not waste an entire page with a single picture. A smaller picture in the right location can add value and keep your readers’ interests.

  • Have fun with the chapter headings. Instead of using a basic chapter heading, this is where you can have some fun with artwork. For example, you could have your book cover maker design themed chapter headings that fit with that chapter’s content.

  • Do not forget about using proper spacing between text, artwork, and illustrations. Part of making an eBook easy to read is using the right spacing. You want to be able to move from line to line of text without losing your place. Not to mention, you want to avoid cramming everything together on the page.

  • Fully justify the text on the pages. You do not want jagged-looking lines of text. The text should extend equally from the left to the right of the page, except for the last sentence in a paragraph.

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For printed books, a page spread book design is used with one page on the left and one page on the right. You will use the same interior design concepts for eBooks, with a few additional steps as follows:

  • Be careful to not get pages mixed up. Even-numbered pages will be on the left and odd-numbered pages will be on the right.

  • Use blank pages correctly. If you use blank pages, make sure they are always blank and are on the right-hand page.

  • Avoid small page margins. It can be tempting to fit as much as possible onto each page to save on printing costs. Make sure you leave enough space to hold the book without thumbs obscuring the text.

Your goal is to create a stunning-looking book cover design with an exceptional interior design. To achieve these objectives, it is highly recommended to work with a professional book cover maker and art designer.

To get started with book cover and interior book design, please feel free to contact me using my online contact form, and I will get back to you within 24 hours. I look forward to discussing your needs and helping you with your book design!

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